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Book by Arthur Laurents

Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Music by Leonard Bernstein

Conceptualized & Choreography by Jerome Robbins

Presented by Teatro San Diego - San Diego, CA


Director: Michelle Alves

Music Director: William "BJ" Robinson

Choreography Répétiteurs: Hannah Balagot & Julio Cataño-Yee

Casting Director: Sarah Marie Hernandez


Audition Dates

Video Submissions February 1st - February 22nd

Callbacks February 25th, 2PM-6PM (time may be extended as needed)


Callback Location: City Heights Performance Annex

3795 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA 92105


Non-Union Production

$750-$1250 stipend depending on role

Rehearsals: July 5th - August 17th

Performances: August 18th - August 27th

Age Requirement: Teens to Adults–Our production will have the rigor of the choreography and material of the original 1957 Broadway production.

Note: Housing & travel is not provided. By submitting your audition you are agreeing to provide your own housing and transportation to and from San Diego, CA for the duration of the contract.



Highly skilled actors, singers, and dancers for our production of WEST SIDE STORY! The 1958 smash hit follows young lovers caught between prejudice and warring street gangs in one of the most important and powerful musicals of all time.


Casting Note:

People of all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, gender expressions, sexualities, abilities, and body types are encouraged to submit. BIPOC performers and those from historically underrepresented communities are highly encouraged to submit.


Please note that many characters in WEST SIDE STORY, particularly the Sharks, are written as of Puerto Rican (Boricua) descent. BIPOC artists and those who identify as Boricua/Latine are highly encouraged to submit for these roles. Ability to speak Spanish is a plus.

Audition Preparation

Please make sure you've read this full audition breakdown in its entirety prior to submitting

Video Submission, Deadline February 22nd, 2023 (11:59PM PDT) 

Send materials to


Include the following in your email:

1. SUBJECT LINE: [Full Name] - West Side Story 2023

2. HEADSHOT & RESUME: Please upload as PDF or JPEG and label file with your full name

i.e: First Name, Last Name - Headshot

3. AUDITION VIDEO: Unlisted YouTube video link of a song in the style of the show showcasing range and storytelling

Audition should not exceed 1 minute

Make sure video is UNLISTED, not private

Singing from the show as your desired role is encouraged but not required. Please feel free to reference the original 1957 Broadway cast recording: WSS OBC Recording

4. AUDITION FORM: Located below: Download form and attach to your submission email filled out and signed

Downloading the form as a Microsoft Word Doc or filling out via Adobe Acrobat is recommended. The form is available below as both a PDF or Word Doc. Please use whatever format works best for you. 

5. OPTIONAL: Link to dance reel and/or performance reel

Taping Instructions: Please remember to film horizontally in a well-lit space. The frame should be a comfortable distance from you that allows range of motion.

PNG west side posters_draft3 copy-1.png
Artwork by Sarah Glick

Character Breakdown



TONY (Bb2-Bb4)

A romantic young man and former leader of the Jets. Tony finds himself violently torn between his friendships and love. Genuinely sweet and sincere.


RIFF (Bb4-G4)

A spritely, quick-tempered leader. He seeks to eliminate the Sharks and establish his own gang's dominance. Tony's best friend.



The most quick-tempered member of the Jets, always ready for a fight. Covers Riff.



A spunky tomboy who is desperate to become a member of the Jets. The other Jets mock them for their ambitions, but generally appreciate their company. Full of energy and heart.



Slightly less quick tempered than Action. Baby John's best friend. Covers Action.



The youngest Jet.



Second-in-command of the Jets. Covers Tony.



Riff’s girlfriend.



Diesel’s Girlfriend.



Jets Ensemble.



MARIA (Bb3-C6)

A hopeless romantic and innocent young girl. She falls in love with Tony and finds herself at the center of the violent conflict between the two gangs.



Feisty and assertive. She dispenses "older sister" advice to Maria and tries to shield her from the dangers of the gangs.



A proud, strong, handsome man. Bernardo seeks to carve out territory as a sense of identity for him and his friends. Leader of the Sharks.



Sweet girl, not the sharpest tool. Longs to go back to Puerto Rico, isn’t so in love with New York. Will sing “Somewhere”. Covers Maria.



An angry and, at times, naive Shark who turns murderous and vengeful.



Member of the Sharks. Covers Bernardo.



Member of the Sharks. Covers Chino.



Tough, young. Pepe’s Girlfriend. Covers Anita.



Toro’s Girlfriend.



A local police detective frustrated by the ongoing violence between the Jets and Sharks. Blunt, brash, and unapologetic. He has no patience for the gang conflicts and tries to keep tensions from erupting between them. Will also be the voice of Glad Hand.



The owner of the candy store where the Jets hang out. He tries to guide the Jet's youthful angst and provides a safe haven for Tony. Old fashioned and wise in his ways.



Covers A-Rab & Action



Covers Male Ensemble Sharks



Covers Female Ensemble Sharks



Covers Female Ensemble Jets



Questions? Email Sarah Marie Hernandez at or DM us on Instagram @teatrosandiego


We will adhere to current CDC & local guidelines regarding pandemic safety. See HERE for more about our COVID-19 policies.


Teatro San Diego aims to produce musicals and employ a truly "All-American" cast. We are color conscious. Our purpose is to raise the visibility of the underrepresented communities of San Diego and bring theatre physically closer to the people with less access to the performing arts. We strongly believe that more female artists should be in prominent positions in the arts: directing, writing, choreographing, music directing, lighting, costume, scenic and sound design. Theatre belongs to all genders, races, differing abilities and sexual orientations.

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